How We Did It

The creation of Worker Bee Mead here at Siskiyou Mead and Spirits is the culmination of years of fermentation experience at the farm. Beginning in late summer each year, we harvest apples from the farm’s orchard to make a small-batch craft cider. In fall we harvest Syrah and Tempranillo grapes from the farm’s vineyard to make a robust red wine. At other times during the year we use purchased malt and farm-raised hops to make beer. Over the years we’ve fermented nearly every fruit and grain available to us.

Our search for the perfect beverage led us to try our hand at a traditional wine made from honey—mead! As we considered the traditional meads, however, we decided to try something new. We crafted Worker Bee Mead using both new and old methods developed during our years of brewing and winemaking.

This product is a light, semi-sweet, sparkling golden beverage that is reminiscent of a hard cider with only 6% alcohol. It is unlike the traditional still wines made of honey, which are typically 12%-14% alcohol. We found a way to keep the flavor light and refreshing with just a hint of sweetness. We make Worker Bee Mead using our own proprietary process that does not require the use of chemical additives.

We hope that you pick up a pint or growler of Worker Bee Mead soon at any one of the fine local growler spots or order online or by phone for same-day delivery and join our following as we seek to provide Worker Bee Mead directly to the workers who want it!


Al and Shastan

Siskiyou Mead and Spirits LLC


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